Our Minister & Staff

  Rev. Linda Simmons, Minister
Rev. Linda Simmons was ordained into the ministry on May 4, 2013 at First Church Boston where she served as ministerial intern for two years and also as summer minister. She also served as junior youth and “Coming of Age” coordinator at First Religious Society in Carlisle, Massachusetts while completing her Masters of Divinity program at Harvard. She is married to photographer Gary Langley. Learn more about Linda by clicking on the “About Our Minister” tab.


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 ted Rev. Edward B. Anderson, Minister Emeritus
Leader of the Unitarian Church for decades, Reverend Ted and his wife Gretchen continue to reside on Nantucket and and enjoy their mid-island residence, Two Sheds Farm.
  Lucretia Voigt – Office Manager
Lucretia Voigt serves as Office Manager.  She and her husband and two sons have been island residents for the past fourteen years.  She has a multitude of skills and experience, having been an independent bookstore owner (Brant Point Books) and a freelance writer for the Nantucket Independent.
LJ 3-2 Leyah Jensen-Youth Programs’ Coordinator
Leyah Jensen has served as a leader and advocate for children for two decades. She has led a career in children’s publishing for more than a decade specializing in celebrity authors, children’s photography and educational diversity. Under her own authorship, she has enjoyed titles published around the world. Leyah left New York just a few years ago to pursue her own work and found Nantucket home with its natural beauty and intellectual, forefront community. It’s here that Jensen now looks forward to continuing a life-long commitment to educating and supporting children.Leyah currently works at The Exploration Station after school program and was the Program Coordinator for Kinder Arts at the Nantucket Island School of Art & Design in 2013.

                                    Janelle Morocoima – Sexton