Junior Youth Program/ACK-spress

Youth Program

Led by Leyah Jensen: artist, designer, RISD graduate and creator extraordinaire

This “Pilot Program” is designed toward gathering youth ages 9-12 who are ready to “come into their own” by an exciting splash-concoction of everything that is–FUN! This combination of art, science, physical activity and the individualized opportunity for self-expression will never fail to find natural ends in good works for the community. Our last session will be an Art Show where we sell our works with the proceeds going to a social justice cause that the youth chose.

This 6 week “Winter Session” will serve as a basis to gather a once a week ACK-spress youth group from April-May 19 that will incorporate social justice and value building.

All Classes are Friday evenings from 5-6:30pm January 13, 27; Feb 10 & 24, March 10 & 24 at the UU Meeting House on 11 Orange St. Free for all who enroll!! Limited spaces so sign up now a at ackspress@gmail.com or call Linda at 508-680-6498. Like us on facebook at ACK-spress


Friday, January 13th- SPLASH! Paint Big, Paint Loud, Paint Wild

Historic Inspiration:  The Action Painters of the 50s & 60s.

In this first session, Nantucket youth will have the chance to paint larger than life. Each youth will discover for themselves, how to:

* UNLOCK the secret painter inside, through our intro’s goofy “blindfold challenge” made for putting the shyest of us right at ease.

* REVEAL the skill of ancient genius, by exploring a cove of mystery brushes…(is that grapes you’re painting with?!)

* MASTER your biggest canvas ever, by tossing color onto what WAS ordinary—bed sheets to boxes–for a masterpiece only you could create.

* INVENT the perfect paintbrush when you thought you had none, & make paint from old foods in the pantry and fridge.

* PROVE that success is REALLY just about getting up again when we fail, as each of us turn our least favorite piece of the session into something brand new.

Friday, January 27th – BUST!  Light the Possibilities of LEDs


Historic Inspiration:  The Ruff-and-Tumble Inventors of early America

In this session we will take apart simple battery cell & copper operated lights to find out how the electronics that are able to dazzle us actually work. Then we will reconfigure the parts into a host of possibilities, from fashion to pop-ups to dog collars to …well, the choice is yours! The purpose of this class is to foster the inventor that lies within each of us, when we ask the question: “What do people really need?” and, “What could I make that might help?”

Friday, February 10th – POUND!


Historic Inspiration:  Prehistoric Ancestors Discover a Life-Changing Miracle.

February 24th – BANG! Making Instruments for Our Very Own Song


Friday, March 10th – POP! Paper from Pop-Ups to Boats–Now, Get In It!

Paper building

Friday, March 24th – Art SHOW where we will show and sell our work with proceeds going to a local non-profit