Minister’s Sabbatical Plans

The theme of Rev. Linda’s sabbatical is India through the Eyes of a UU Minister.

1. Rev. Linda and Gary will be traveling to India on February 7th 2018 to begin their 2 month sabbatical by participating in the International Conference of Unitarians and Universalists that takes place in the Khasi Hills for one week from February 10-17th.

The topic of this year’s conference is The Heart of Unitarianism/Universalism. In order to fulfill the Mission of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists to sustain and grow our global faith, we will work together to better articulate what our global faith is. During the 2018 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, we will explore the multifaceted nature of our global faith. We will hear from several keynote speakers each speaking not only to the unique expression of Unitarian/Universalism in their faith community, but also to how we bridge the differences of our faith expressions in order to become a stronger, more united voice for religious freedom in our world. We will invite Unitarians and Universalists from our global community to offer workshops and trainings that will deepen our connections to one another as well as strengthen our diverse identity as religious liberals. Participants will gain experience in multicultural religious conversation and be invited to explore how to take those skills back to their faith communities.

After the conference, Linda and Gary will be staying with Rev. Darihun Khriam of Smit Village in the East Khasi Hills.

Rev. Darihun is the only female Unitarian minister in India. She has asked Rev. Linda to participate in in a Leadership training with other ministers in the Khasi Hills. Details to follow as they are forthcoming. Communication is very slow from India. Rev. Linda and Gary will stay with Rev. Darihun from February 18th-March 3rd.

2. After leaving the East Khasi Hills, they will travel to Nepal and stay there for several days hiking and exploring and then head to 3. Agrar to explore the Taj MaHal.*

4. From there they will head north to their next project which will take place at the NARMADA INTERFAITH WELFARE SOCIETY: Supporting Peace Between Religions, Cultures and Economies in Maheshwar. The leader of the ashram, Niradhara Mari, has begun a mentor program within the small Indian village and Rev. Linda has already become a mentor to one of the girls there.  The goal of the mentorship program is to listen and encourage as young women negotiate the ideas and language of gaining job skills to be able to enter the work force and college.

Niradhara has also asked that Rev. Linda to co-lead an Interfaith Conference when she is there entitled, Women in Religion and will invite the women and girls in the community to participate. More details to follow as they become more clear. All of this is still in process.

This ashram is devoted to teaching women and girls yoga, reading, writing and self care. It has an admirable, interfaith mission:
Rev. Linda and Gary will stay in this village and work in this ashram from March 11-25th.

5. From there, they will travel to Panchangi where Rev. Linda used to live and teach in the Western Ghats and then to 6. Pune where Rev. Linda lived in a convent and worked in an orphanage and then to 7. Mumbai to fly home. This leg will take place from March 26th to April 6th.*

They are expected home on April 9th.

*During all parts of the traveling portions of the sabbatical. Linda will be blogging throughout her stay in India and reflecting on how India influences her views on religion and ministry.