Rev. Kimberley Debus to be Sabbatical Minister

“Joyful” is the word I think of as I prepare to be your sabbatical minister in the early spring. Joyful, because I will have the chance to be with you on such a gorgeous island. Joyful, because you at a loving congregation that has taken care to ensure Linda and her husband get to renew and refresh as they travel to India. Joyful, because while they’re away, we will have a great time together.

A bit about me: I come to you from the Capital Region of New York, with a childhood spent in Brewster. I feel a rooted love of coastal Massachusetts as well as the Albany area, where rivers and mountain ranges converge. There is such beauty along the journey from here to there and back again, filled with memories and a sense of comfort – and it is part of what inspires my own call to ministry, a call to inspire creativity, to seek beauty and truth, to engage in possibility, to love the hell out of this world with a joyful heart.

It is that vision that I will bring to you, as we engage with one another. I will bring a variety of services (including a series on the theologies in our hymnals), hopefully a class, and certainly an event or two. It will be a time for us to have some fun together, to renew and refresh. In other words, it will be – for all of us – joyful.

Rev. Kimberley