Sabbatical Job Location Details

Nantucket Island is located off the coast of Cape Cod, 30 miles south of Hyannis, where it takes two hours to cross Nantucket Sound on the Steamship car ferry, or just an hour by high-speed passenger-only fast ferry. The Second Congregational Meeting House Society / Unitarian Universalist (usually just the Unitarian Church or Meeting House) is at 11 Orange Street, just a block off Main Street in downtown Nantucket. It is only a 5-10 minute walk from the ferry docks.



The parsonage is located behind the Meeting House at 10 Fair Street. The ceilings are low and the floors slope like in so many old houses. There is excellent Internet access with wi-fi. There is no cable TV but there is Smart TV with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go.




It snows some in the winter, but usually with significantly lesser amounts than on the mainland. Because of the close proximity to the Gulf Stream, it is usually about 10 degrees warmer here. Winds speeds can get quite high often leading to ferry cancellations, occasionally up to a day or two. However, the longer the cancellation, the further one feels from the rest of the world … and that’s a pretty good feeling to many islanders during the winter months.


Our parsonage is our Minister’s home and is not pet- or child-proofed, sorry!




Of Interest on Nantucket

  • From the parsonage on Fair Street, it’s a minute walk to Main Street shopping; and a five-minute walk to the Dreamland Theater where movies, dance performances, filmed operas, ballets and plays are always showing.
  • Theater Workshop has live theater all year round.
  • The Atheneum, our local library, has music, theater, movies and lectures all year round
  • The Nantucket Community Music Center has year round musical performances
  • Some restaurants that are open in February and March are within a short walking distance in town:
  • One of two Stop & Shop supermarkets is located downtown near the docks, just a 5-minute walk from the parsonage:
  • The larger Stop & Shop at central island has many organic options and fresh foods and is about a mile out of town.
  • Nantucket Pharmacy, located downtown at on Main Street, has a charming soda fountain/lunch counter and is but 2 minutes from the parsonage
  • Just under a mile from the parsonage is the Nantucket Cottage Hospital
  • About 1.5 miles out of town is Annye’s Whole Foods with many organic options and a kitchen that makes delicious lunches and dinners to go.
  • Charming little Sconset at the extreme east end of the island is about 7 miles out of town. Madaket is another residential area at the extreme west end of the island and has some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.