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Nantucket Unitarian Universalists are committed to promoting peace and justice in our community and in the world


The 7th Principle Project is our UU social justice initiative. The UU 7th Principle is “Respect for the Interdependent Web of which we are a Part.” Our mission in connection with The 7th Principle Project is: We are committed to sustainability and environmental justice, including partnering with the most vulnerable among us, in response to the challenge that our Earth and its people are facing.

food rescue nantucket
food rescue nantucket shed 2018

Partnering with recent island immigrants, the homeless, Sustainable Nantucket and the Food Pantry, we have developed the following initiatives:

  • Developing strategies to help us discern personal and congregational energy use and awareness

  • Movie/potluck nights to stir interest and bring more issues to the foreground

  • Formation of the Nantucket Immigration Community Resource Center in response to changing immigration policies and the development of an Immigration Resource Center that meets at the UU Meeting House the first Monday of every month from 5:30-7:00pm to offer referrals and information to recent immigrants based on current community and regional research. For more information on the Immigration Resource Center, email

  • Creation of the ACK Homelessness Team and opened in late fall of 2021, The Warming Place. The Warming Place was open 2 mornings per week through April 2022 providing warm meals, respite from the cold and a welcoming community. Read the proposal here.











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Opening Day. WP 12.13.21.jpg
  • Formal adoption of the UU Animal Ministry mission to continue our activities that build compassion and justice for animals

nantucket immigration resource center
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nantucket immigration resource center
j-1 visa students 2017

  Ongoing Projects Over the Years:

  • Neighborhood film project: A series of 8 films shown over 8 months focusing on themes of acceptance, racism, forgiveness, duties, & satisfaction

  • Year to Live Class

  • Vigils for victims of gun violence

  • Books groups on relevant social justice topics including racism, multiculturalism, and diversity

  • Interfaith J-1 Visa Student Initiative to provide meals, guidance, and welcome

    • The J-1 visa in the United States is for university students of other countries who are fluent in English, who wish to take part in work-and-study-based exchange and visitor programs in the U.S. J-1 exchange visitors come to Nantucket to work. This is a US State Department program to increase international diplomacy. The hope is that J-1 Visa students are invited to know the place they are staying, its people, traditions, culture.

hate has no home here nantucket unitarian universalists

Please join us as we combine our voices, skills, resources, and energy in pronouncing we are all one and together we can make a difference!


                                                SEVENTH PRINCIPLE PROJECT

In the 1800s, it was the Unitarians who were at the forefront of abolition, women’s suffrage, public education, mental health and prison reform. During the 20th century this evolution of purpose took shape in the form of: immigration justice, racial justice, sexual orientation justice, reproductive justice, economic justice and world peace.

From that heritage, and our 1961 consolidation with the Universalist denomination, the first 6 principles of Unitarian Universalism where written and approved at General Assembly. In 1985, our 7th principle “the respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part” was added as UU churches and fellowships from around the world came together in recognition that the destructive consequences of a  singularity of self-interest  were unsustainable for the earth and all it ‘s inhabitants.

The 7th Principle Project is the next step in our evolution of purpose.

We live at a time of significant change for the world and for the human experiment. We are all aware that critically diminished resources, large scale changes in climate and weather systems, an unsustainable global economic  system and more than 200,000 new human beings added to earth every day are only part of the challenge we face for our ultimate sustainability as a species.


Nantucket Unitarian Universalists Stand on the Side of Love and all are welcomed to join. This is a time of great hope and possibility, yet our communities are threatened by the increased prevalence of acts motivated by fear and hate. No one should be dehumanized through acts of exclusion, bullying, oppression, or violence because of their identities. In public debates over immigration, LGBT rights, and more, UUs stand on the side of love and call for respect, inclusion, and compassion.


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