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The historic 1809 Unitarian Meeting House is the perfect location for Nantucket weddings of all sizes. The building's gold dome, one of the island‘s most recognizable landmarks, beckons wedding parties as they arrive by ferry or plane, setting the stage for a special occasion always to be remembered.  

The sanctuary's rose-hued upholstered pews seat up to 450 for a wedding ceremony. Overhead, the central interior dome, painted in trompe l ‘oeil during the 1840s by Swiss artist Wendte, is accented by an elegant chandelier. The interior was restored in 2011 by EverGreene Painting Studios of New York. On either side of the historic space, sunlight streams through tall windows that retain most of the 19th century original glass. Another special feature is the 1831 Goodrich organ, a historic treasure in perfect working order. Its beautiful tone is enriched by the sanctuary's stunning acoustics.

The principles of Unitarian Universalism are welcoming to people of all faith backgrounds. We welcome interfaith ceremonies and ceremonies that are non-religious as well. The sacred honored in all marriage ceremonies is the love that each couple brings with them.

Since 1985 our ministers gladly performed “services of union” for same-sex couples. When Massachusetts became the first state in America to recognize civil marriage as a civil right on May 17, 2004, our minister emeritus, the Reverend Ted Anderson, joyfully began uniting same-sex couples in legal marriage.

We look forward to making your special occasion a memorable one. 

To talk with us about your wedding in the historic sanctuary or in our smaller Hendrix Hall, please call (508) 228-5466 or email

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