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  • Nigel Goss, Music Director

  • Leyah Jensen, Children & Youth Program Director

  • Raymond Haskell, Business Manager

  • Bridgett Bloise-Smith, Sexton

  • Rev. Linda Simmons, Retired Minister

  • Rev. Edward B. Anderson, Minister Emeritus

Nigel Goss

Nigel Goss.jpg

Music Director


In September 2019, Nigel Goss was hired as Music Director. Nigel brings a wide range of music and musical experience to the Meeting House music program. He has been a keyboard player and bassist in every kind of ensemble from reggae bands to jazz combos to classical orchestras, and has a vast love and appreciation for all facets of music and musicality.


In addition to his role at the Meeting House, he teaches music at the Nantucket Community Music Center and the Nantucket Lighthouse School, and can be found performing at various venues all over the island. He brings his love of all kinds of music to the Meeting House and strives for vibrant and eclectic presentations, and collaborates with musicians in the church community as well as guest musicians from the island community.

Leyah Jensen

Leyah placeholder.jpg

Children and Youth Program Director

Leyah Jensen Marshall holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. Studies in fine art have taken her worldwide, from acclaimed institutions like the Danish Design School and Pacific Northwest College of Art; to Artist Residencies in India, Haiti, and Nepal. She is the recipient of distinguished awards ranging from a National Gold Medal in Art & Design (VICA) to New York Book Show 1st place winner and #1 bestselling pop-ups (New York Times). Locally she is a recipient of the Chase Plein-Air Award, and enjoys sharing her broad fluency in art mediums through teaching while working as a fine artist and children's book creator in Nantucket.

Raymond Haskell



Business Manager

Raymond Haskell, J.D. graduated summa cum laude from Providence College in 1996 and from the Syracuse University College of Law with a specialization in Family Law in 1999. He practiced family and criminal law throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 20 years and decided to settle down in Nantucket, MA in 2022. He belongs to a number of alumni, charitable and legal organizations and associations. He is a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs and Bears but also a lifelong fan of the Boston Celtics and Bruins. 

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