Sunday, April 13 ~ 10:45 a.m. Rev. Linda Simmons ~ Hendrix Hall
“Palms and Prophecies”

The story of the Palm Sunday is in part a fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies to bring a peacemaker who would insist that the world operate on principles of equity and justice. What prophecy has each of us come to fulfill with our lives and does Unitarian Universalism inform this?

Sunday, April 20 ~ 10:45 a.m. Rev. Linda Simmons ~ Hendrix Hall
“The Devotion of Our Lives” ~ EASTER SUNDAY

Studying the New Testament in Divinity School, I came to understand that each gospel was a response to a particular community at a particular time with particular needs. These communities had similarities and differences. What united them and kept Christianity alive? What unites us as Unitarian Universalists and how is this expressed in our daily lives? As we consider this holiday of resurrection and mortality, the question of how we chose to live this one precious life comes to the fore.

Sunday, April 27 ~ 10:45 a.m. Daffodil Weekend on Nantucket
Lay Led Service
Sunday Service  Committee ~ Hendrix Hall

Join us this Sunday as lay leaders of our congregation lend their talents in planning and conducting this week’s worship service. 

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