Sunday, February 25 ~ 10:45 a.m. ~ Hendrix Hall

What Price, Freedom?

Lay Led Service with Guest Speaker Rev. Dawn Fortune

The right to bear arms is rooted in our Revolutionary War history. Our contemporary interpretation of that right seems out of relation with the founders’ original intent, yet suggestions of gun control trigger intense public and political reactions. What is it about the guns that makes the mere discussion of regulation verboten? Join us as we explore America’s gun culture as a method of personal expression.

Rev. Fortune is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, Massachusetts and studied sexuality and religion at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. Ze is a longtime activist with sexual and gender minorities, with a strong interest in issues of social, sexual, and economic justice. Hir interests in church work include anti-racism education, class issues, anti-bullying efforts, diversity work, community outreach, and building interfaith coalitions. Rev. Fortune has also served as a hospital chaplain in Providence, Rhode Island.

Guest Musician – Mollie Glazer

Religious Exploration

“Being UU Everyday – Share Your Truth

This week we are planting our “truths” on the cobble path. Inspiration and wonder is sure to bud when strangers notice the message that YOU have painted. So grab a stone and paintbrush, and share some thoughts of hope!


Rev. Linda and Gary with UUA President Susan Fredericks-Gray at the International Conference of Unitarians and Universalists in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Listen below to Rev. Linda’s interview on Nantucket NPR with Arlene O’Reilly

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