Sunday, January 22~ 10:45 a.m.

“The Web of Bravery”

Rev. Linda Simmons

Hendrix Hall

What does it take to nurture bravery? What do we need more of to live into being the people we want to be and where can we find it? On this our Annual Meeting day, we will also consider that what keeps us allowing us to be brave is our interdependence and willingness to be vulnerable.

Our Annual Meeting will take place from 11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. this Sunday in Hendrix Hall.

Click here for an agenda of the Annual Meeting: Agenda for 2017 Annual Meeting

Click here to see the proposed 2017 Budget: Proposed 2017 Budget

Click here to read the Draft Statement of Conscience Escalating Inequality which we will be voting on: Draft Statement of Conscience Escalating Inequality

Religious Exploration

Native American Treasure Pouch with Leyah Jensen
Remembering how to be brave and strong can be hard for everyone, at times. So tribes across the country give boys and girls a special leather pouch to wear around the neck, to help them in tough times. And from now on you will have your own neck-pouch, to bead and to treasure. Is there any “super hero” power that you wish YOU had? A little reminder of what is not so hard for animals can make us feel strong, ourselves. So grab some scissors and clip your own animal heros from our tower of National Geographic magazines. Then just lace-up your choice of red faux-suede or real leather. Pick out beads that will be special to you, from wooden letters and colorful glass galore and your creation is almost complete!


Listen below to Rev. Linda’s interview on Nantucket NPR with Arlene O’Reilly

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