Sunday, December 17 ~ 10:45 a.m. ~ Hendrix Hall

Light Into Darkness

Rev. Linda Simmons

The solstice is upon us; the shortest day of the year descends. This sermon will explore the dance of light and darkness in our lives through poetry, song, and meditation. Come and celebrate the return of light and the blessing of darkness in this non-traditional service.


Religious Exploration

“This Little Light”

Hanukkah is hope! This Sunday we’re celebrating one of the most joyous Jewish holidays of the year. And it all began with light! We’ll make a “journey of discovery” about this important holiday, then make a treasure to take home. Because light can conquer darkness, yet darkness in itself has no power to snuff out light. And the darker the night, the brighter our own light shines out in contrast.



Listen below to Rev. Linda’s interview on Nantucket NPR with Arlene O’Reilly

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