Sunday, March 26 ~ 10:45 a.m. ~ Hendrix Hall

“Stories that Save Us”

“The truth about stories is, that’s all we are.” Thomas King

Rev. Linda Simmons

This month has been a month of story telling. The working premise has been that stories have the power to save us. This sermon will look more closely at that premise while engaging the question: what stories can we learn to tell and live by that offer us resilience, courage, and hope?


Religious Exploration

No matter what mistakes were made in the past, we always have the chance to make a turn for the better. That’s what Nantucket’s youngest Selectman, Tobias Glidden, stood up to say about a new law that would help whales. After that, a ban on whale-endangering balloons not only got passed; but Nantucket ended up inspiring towns all over Cape Cod to do the same. This Sunday we will learn about the many sharks, whales, and other marine animals that grace our island with their visits. Find out about fossils from Nantucket’s ancient past, like mastodons. And learn what you can do to help ocean wildlife, such as collecting old helium balloons along the beach. Finally we will begin to build dreams for a future of peace and healing, starting with a dream of healing for our oceans. The dream-catchers we create with recycled nets will ensure that they are never forgotten. Hang yours at home, or give it to a friend as a message of hope and healing.


Listen below to Rev. Linda’s interview on Nantucket NPR with Arlene O’Reilly

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